Foundation and Federal Grant Proposals: Samples and Guidance

All sample proposals were prepared by Colorado Grants, which has raised $120 million for nonprofit groups.

Writing the Federal Proposal

Sample proposal: Lightsville Public Schools (education)

The Lightsville Public Schools proposal (Adobe Acrobat PDF File) is presented as an example of the type of information required for a federal grant proposal. Please note that government agencies require specific a proposal format for all grant applicants, and there is no standard application format. Refer to the federal grants section for more details.

Guidance on writing a federal proposal

Writing the Foundation Proposal

Sample proposal: Centerville Community Center (health)

The Centerville Community Center (name changed upon request of the applicant organization) is a neighborhood-based organization that provides health and community services. Centerville Community Center proposal (Adobe Acrobat PDF File).

Sample proposal: London Family Center (family services)

The London Family Center (name changed) is a family center providing parenting, case management, youth mentoring, tutoring and summer programming. London Family Center proposal (Adobe Acrobat PDF File).

Guidance on writing a foundation proposal

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