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Grant Proposal Makeovers: Review and Critique
Starting a Freelance Grant Proposal Writing Business
Writing Winning Federal Grants 
Introduction to Grants
Grant Proposal Makeovers / Grant Review

Beginner's Series: Introduction to Grants

New session added: May 14, 9am-12:30pm

Registration fee: $59.00 early registration; $72.00 regular registration
Location: Central Denver (29th and Downing)
Level:New/beginning proposal writers only!

This class focuses on the four traits of successful grantseekers: effective planning, prospect research, funder relationships and the actual grant proposal. Build confidence and succeed in your grant-seeking efforts.

We'll discuss:

- How to plan and position your organization to be successful.
- How decisions are made
- How to effectively communicate with staff at local foundations
- How to research grant opportunities.
- How to tell your organization's story
- How to write a strong needs assessment and evaluation plan.
- How to develop effective program and operating budgets
- How to write to the appropriate audience

Beyond the lecture format, you'll have a chance to work in teams on several hands-on activities that will improve your understanding about the grantseeking and proposal writing process. Time will also be set aside for an informal discussion on proposal writing.

Grant Proposal Makeovers / Grant Proposal Review

New session added: April 3, 9am-Noon

Registration fee:
$59 early registration; $72 regular registration
Location: 29th St. and Downing, Downtown Denver
Level: All levels

Gaining experience as a grant reviewer can help us step out of our "grantseeker" eyeballs, and allow us to think more creatively when we write our own proposals. In this three hour training, you will review three actual proposals, and discuss the proposals collegially with others.

We will come back together as a group and share feedback on each of the proposals. You might be surprised what you hear from others as we go through the process.

- You will have an opportunity to submit a short grant proposal (3-4 pages) for review. (This is not required; you can attend without submitting a proposal.) Previous participants submitting a proposal used the class to improve their work and obtain more grant funding.

- Learn what works in a grant proposal, what confuses reviewers, and what to avoid.

- Get a birds eye view of how a grant review process plays out, and how to improve your own proposal.


Starting a Grant Writing Business

Recorded Webinar (MDT)

Registration fee: $42 $28 through April 1, 2013
Online: One hour recorded webinar
Level: All levels
After you order the webinar, you will receive a link and access code. You do not have to watch the webinar immediately: you can access it within two weeks after your order

Do you want to start a grant writing business or to take on a few clients? There is a great demand for qualified, effective grant proposal writers. This class will help prepare you for what is to come. Topics include:

- What nonprofits look for when they hire a contractor
- How to get the right clients
- How to build experience
- How to establish a fee structure
- How to negotiate, and how to develop a contract format
- What ethical issues you should consider
- How to plan your business to succeed.

Note that this course does NOT cover how to write a grant proposal.

This course taught by Jay Katz of Grants West and Colorado Grants. Jay established the company in 1995 as a full-time business, and has successfully grown and operated the business continuously since that time. He has had contracts with close to 100 different nonprofits.

Coming soon

Beginner's Series: Practice Makes Perfect - Hands-On Grant Writing
Location: Central Denver (29th and Downing)
Level:New/beginning proposal writers only!

This course goes beyond the Introduction to Grantseeking class by providing you with prompts and opportunities to develop your ideas for your proposal, and some of the basic materials that you will need to write your proposal. Time will be set aside for you to get feedback from a small group, and from the instructor. Come prepare to write your own proposal, or develop a proposal using a case study.

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Write Winning Federal Grant Proposals

Four week online course

Registration fee:

Level: Not for first-time or new proposal writers

We recently designed a grant writing training for a federal agency, and are excited to share inside information from reviewers and federal staff. The course will provide you with key strategies for making the grant writing process easier and more effective. Also learn how to:

- Research grant opportunities
- Never miss funding opportunities
- Write effectively to your audience
- Simplify complex processes
- Effectively delegate tasks

Hands-on examples will guide the discussion and bring the training to life.

The session is led by Jay Katz, who has 20 years of experience and helped nonprofit groups obtain than $70 million in federal grant funding.